Make your followers' mouths water with these picture-perfect watermelon recipes that show off the versatility of this vibrant fruit. They may look impressive, but our recipes are surprisingly easy to make, which leaves you with time to create the best post for your grid or edit the perfect TikTok.


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1. Watermelon lollies

three watermelon ice lollies

These eye-catching watermelon lollies are a great way to cool down this summer – they're packed with vitamin C, while looking great for the 'gram. Using just two ingredients, they’re easy to make as well.

2. Watermelon pina colada cocktail

two watermelon pina colada cocktails, served inside watermelon skins

As impressive as they look, our watermelon pina coladas only take 5 minutes to make. Plus, you don’t need to worry about glassware. Show off your cocktail boats with a snap or video for your socials and enjoy them with friends.

3. Watermelon vodka jelly shots


Perfect for any summer party, our watermelon vodka jelly shots not only look great, but are sustainable, too. Use the skin of the watermelon to hold the jelly, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of plastic shot glasses afterwards. They'd make a great TikTok hack!

4. Watermelon lemonade


This watermelon lemonade will look super-impressive on your feed, but doesn’t take as much work to make as you would think. Make sure to capture your beautifully placed garnish for the perfect Instagram post.

5. Watermelon sugar cookies

watermelon sugar cookies

Brighten up your grid with a batch of watermelon sugar cookies. They look impressive, but are deceptively easy to make. It’s a great one to get the kids involved in for an easy summer baking project that will become a family favourite.


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