Whether you’re an avid exerciser, sunworshipper or simply don't like the taste of water, we can all struggle to stay hydrated at times. Yet, proper hydration is crucial for your overall health.


Fortunately, drinking water isn’t the only way to stave off dehydration. There are plenty of water-rich foods that can help. In fact, with the addition of naturally occurring electrolytes, certain foods can be extra hydrating.

Next, find out how much water you should drink each day and is sparkling water good for you? Plus, check out the health benefits of ginger tea and our top healthy drink recipes.

What are the best foods to help you stay hydrated?

1. Cucumber

Add cucumber to salads, blitz into cold soups or enjoy as a crunchy crudités with your favourite dip. For more ideas, check out our refreshing cucumber recipes, including green cucumber & mint gazpacho, Greek salad and pickled cucumbers.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is nutritious, and tastes just as good in sweet and savoury dishes – it pairs especially well with feta. Enjoy cold wedges on a hot day and browse our juicy watermelon recipes for more ideas.

3. Celery

You can do so much with budget-friendly celery. It makes a great base for stews and casseroles, and it makes a fibre-rich addition to salads. Check out the top health benefits of celery and try our recipes for celery soup, salad and juice.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have plenty of benefits to your health, as well as being helpful for hydration. Add fresh tomatoes to homemade salsa, risotto and easy lentil salad.

5. Strawberries

Make the most of strawberry season and reap the health benefits of this popular fruit. Whizz them into your morning smoothie, add to vegan pancakes and blend with watermelon to make a hydrating strawberry slushie.

6. Courgette

At their best in the warm summer months, versatile courgettes are great in creamy courgette lasagne, risotto and as a replacement for spaghetti for those following a keto diet. You can even bake into a delicious loaf cake, similar to lemon drizzle.

7. Bell peppers

A pot of hummus with vegetable crudites

Hydrating, budget-friendly and good for you, colourful peppers can be enjoyed in lots of ways. Serve with homeade hummus, add slices to noodles or stuff halved peppers with vegetarian chilli.

8. Broth

It might not be your first thought to sip broth on a hot summer's day, but homemade broth not only helps to hydrate you, it also has numerous other health benefits. Use as a base for ramen or drink straight from a mug.

9. Lettuce

There are plenty of ways to use a humble lettuce. Be inspired by our recipes for quick braised lettuce & peas, cod with bacon, lettuce & peas, and Thai green pork lettuce cups.

10. Kiwi

The juicy green flesh of kiwi fruit is packed full of nutrients and will give you a hydrating boost. Have a look at our vibrant kiwi recipes, we have smoothies, tacos and rainbow fruit lollies for you to enjoy.

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